Preclinical Lab

Preclinical lab is designed to gain knowledge about the anatomical system and its functions, biochemical composition and its changes in human body systems.
The student sees the dissection of the human corpse and learns different patterns such as the skeleton and the decomposed bones.

Community Health Nursing

The community health nursing laboratory helps students to develop a desirable knowledge and approach to comprehensive care for the individual, family and community.
The department is committed to improving the health status by providing education and service in urban and rural communities and performs various activities such as public health awareness program, health camps, screening, surveillance and epidemic prevention activities, risk management services. The laboratory consists of community bag, models like ideal home, ideal village, different types of wells, latrines, methods of precaution etc.

Computer Lab

The computer lab designed for students to improve basic understanding of the use of computers and its applications in Nursing. The computer lab encourages the students to access to various e-books, online subject contents and journals through helinet.

Nursing Foundation Lab

The nursing foundation lab is extremely practical and adjustable to meet the multidisciplinary education needs of the students.
The nursing foundation lab creates the imagation of the hospital and allows the students to practice the nursing procedures prior to exposure to the clinical field.
This laboratory is designed to assist students in developing expertise and in-depth knowledge in the field of nursing foundation.
The nursing foundation lab is extremely practical and adjustable to meet the multi-disciplinary education needs of the students.

OBG and Child Health Nursing Lab

The OBG lab ensures effective and efficient services for students to practice and demonstrate competency of selected obstetric skills and neonatal care ti be implemented in clinical setting. The lab is well equipped with models like pelvis, fetal skull, manikins of delivery set and stages of labour, various instruments, models and description of antenatal assessment, postnatal and newborn care.
The child health Nursing laboratory is designed to help students develop an understanding of modern approaches to childcare, identification, prevention and nursing management of common health problems of newborns and infants.

Nutrition Lab

Nutrition lab enables nursing students to gain knowledge about nutrition to maintain optimal health and apply to nursing practice at various stages of life.
The lab is well ventilated and highly equipped with various essential utensils and accessories for preparing different recipes for different diseases. It is a separate laboratory with various samples, posters, flash cards, flip cards, flip charts for nutritional education.